What’s an Adventure Journal?

Celebration of Our Mountains  Tin Mine Hike, 9/14/2013. Photo by Visit El Paso, via Flickr.

Celebration of Our Mountains – Tin Mine Hike, 9/14/2013 | Photo credit: Visit El Paso

When I began hiking, I started keeping a “hiking / adventure journal”. By documenting the date, time, location, distance travelled, weather conditions, and other notable features of each of my hikes in the journal, I created a useful resource for planning future adventures.

Even the details of your most memorable outdoor adventures will begin to fade with time. By documenting your experiences while they are still fresh in your mind, you create a lasting record to which you can refer as necessary. Questions such as “What park did we see the crested caracaras at?” or “What campsite did we decide we’d like to get next time?” are easier to answer when you keep an adventure journal.

Basics of a Journal Entry:

  • Date(s) of Trip
  • Location
  • Arrival/Departure Time
  • Weather Conditions
  • Reason(s) for Trip (Camping, fishing, birding, bicycling, vacation, etc.)
  • Notable sights (Wildlife observed, historic structures, or future places you’d like to explore)
  • Notes to yourself regarding anything you wish you had brought on this trip (Binoculars? Insect repellent? More sunscreen?)

Now you have the makings of a treasure trove of information you can delve into anytime you want to plan a return trip or simply relive some of the memories of a previous visit!

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