Wild Texas: Birding Bonanza - Trip Report #8

Birding Bonanza

American white pelican
American white pelican, 17k JPEG
Location: Corpus Christi area
Time of Year: Early-to-Mid January
Weather: Sunny, heavenly days with highs in the low to mid-70s and 10-15 mph breezes
Activities: Birding, photography
Submitted by: Shannon Moore

Justin and I made our semi-annual pilgrimage to the birding mecca of the Texas coast on Thursday, January 8. While still near my home in northwest San Antonio, we made our first bird sightings of the trip--crested caracara and red-tailed hawk. We observed American kestrel, crested caracara, red-tailed hawk, turkey and black vulture while driving to Corpus Christi.

Since this trip was as much for relaxing as it was for birding, we took our time rather than striving to see as many sites as possible. What follows are the highlights from our trip: