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Daingerfield State Park | Photo credit: Honest Abe!

Happy Fall, everyone! As many of you know, has been undergoing a slow but steady content migration. We still have a great deal of content to add/update before we are again worthy of our tagline, “The comprehensive guide to Texas parks, nature, and recreation since 1995.” We thank you all for sticking with us, some of you over the many years we have been online! Great things are yet to come.

One of the “behind the scenes” changes that we want to call attention to is has joined the modern Web. How so? We are now a secure website thanks to the addition of a valid current (auto-renewing) SSL certificate which ensures all data transmitted between our website and your web browser/device is encrypted and, thus, secure. For more information on this, including how you can verify a website is secure, visit our updated Privacy Policy.

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