Wet Weather Camping with Kids

Camping in the Rain by Joel Friesen via Flickr.

Camping in the Rain | Photo credit: Joel Friesen

Rainy weather, even minor thunderstorms, do not have to interfere with your family’s camping plans. By following the simple tips below, you can make your camping experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone, rain or shine: [Read more…]

What’s an Adventure Journal?

Celebration of Our Mountains  Tin Mine Hike, 9/14/2013. Photo by Visit El Paso, via Flickr.

Celebration of Our Mountains – Tin Mine Hike, 9/14/2013 | Photo credit: Visit El Paso

When I began hiking, I started keeping a “hiking / adventure journal”. By documenting the date, time, location, distance travelled, weather conditions, and other notable features of each of my hikes in the journal, I created a useful resource for planning future adventures. [Read more…]

Summer Camping Tips

Archaeology Museum Summer Camp. Photo by Visit El Paso via Flickr.

Archaeology Museum Summer Camp | Photo credit: Visit El Paso

Many outdoors enthusiasts find the prospect of putting outdoor recreation activities on hold during the summer months unacceptable. The extremely high temperatures and humidity of the season, however, can make outdoor activities downright unbearable. Fret not! There are some options besides not camping during the seasonal extremes in your area. [Read more…]