Enchanted Rock Misadventure

Wildflowers and the pink granite domes of Enchanted Rock. Copyright © Shannon D. Blackburn.

Wildflowers and the pink granite domes of Enchanted Rock | Photo credit: Shannon D. Blackburn

Location: Enchanted Rock State Natural Area (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Time of Year: Mid-May
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 40% chance of thunderstorms, mid-80s
Activities: Hiking, birding, photography
Submitted by: Shannon Blackburn

We arrived at Enchanted Rock at 8:30 AM, a half hour after the park opened. When we arrived, all of the granite domes were obscured from view by a dense fog bank. As the fog lifted, we were awed by the transformation the park undergoes in spring: thriving patches of wildflowers (black-eyed Susans, verbena, Mexican hats, morning glory, etc.) and gurgling streams have replaced the parched pink earth we are accustomed to from prior visits in late August. [Read more…]

Wet Weather Camping with Kids

Camping in the Rain by Joel Friesen via Flickr.

Camping in the Rain | Photo credit: Joel Friesen

Rainy weather, even minor thunderstorms, do not have to interfere with your family’s camping plans. By following the simple tips below, you can make your camping experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone, rain or shine: [Read more…]

What’s an Adventure Journal?

Celebration of Our Mountains  Tin Mine Hike, 9/14/2013. Photo by Visit El Paso, via Flickr.

Celebration of Our Mountains – Tin Mine Hike, 9/14/2013 | Photo credit: Visit El Paso

When I began hiking, I started keeping a “hiking / adventure journal”. By documenting the date, time, location, distance travelled, weather conditions, and other notable features of each of my hikes in the journal, I created a useful resource for planning future adventures. [Read more…]