Summer Camping Tips

Archaeology Museum Summer Camp. Photo by Visit El Paso via Flickr.

Archaeology Museum Summer Camp | Photo credit: Visit El Paso

Many outdoors enthusiasts find the prospect of putting outdoor recreation activities on hold during the summer months unacceptable. The extremely high temperatures and humidity of the season, however, can make outdoor activities downright unbearable. Fret not! There are some options besides not camping during the seasonal extremes in your area. [Read more…]

First Aid Essentials

Always Be Prepared! Photo by Nomadic Lass via Flickr.

Always Be Prepared! | Photo credit: Nomadic Lass

While most mishaps in the outdoors are not life-threatening, any injury – even one as simple as a blister – can quickly ruin an outing. A properly stocked first-aid kit, coupled with a firm grasp of how to use each item, should be standard equipment for any outdoors enthusiast. [Read more…]