Latest Website News – 2021

Happy New Year, all – you made it! Whether you are brand new to the site or have been visiting us for decades, we appreciate you! After a couple years running on auto-pilot, the site is getting some much needed TLC.

Parks & Recreation Opportunities in Texas
We have made it much easier to locate all parks & recreation opportunities in Texas via our website again thanks to a new mapping feature. You can filter by park/recreation area type, search by park name, and even compute the distance from the park to your location.

Events Calendar Updates
We are hard at work populating the website with 2021 events at Texas city, state and national parks and other recreation areas. Keep an eye on the Events section of the site!

The site is still undergoing a content migration. We have a great deal of content to add/update before we are again worthy of our tagline, “The comprehensive guide to Texas parks, nature and recreation since 1995.” Pardon our dust as we continue to spruce up the place for you.